The main task of the new

The main task of the new

The main task of the new committee , according to Basil Gvozdeva , define global strategic issues of the city and work in these areas , given the experience of neighboring towns and cooperating with the municipality and city business associations. The first result of the new committee should be to increase the budget revenues in 2002 .

18.04.2001 20:37

From tomorrow, the city will be turned off the hot water .

Receivables consumers of » Ulyanovskenergo » continues to grow. In March, it increased by 97.6 million rubles. The level of payment for consumed energy was only 74.5% .

Completely ignore their contractual obligations to fulfill current payments municipal utilities Ulyanovsk — the press center of «Ulyanovskenergo» . So , in March UMMPKH paid 19 % of the heat energy in 18 days of April — 3% MUZHKH Deux 12% and 10% , ZHKMP » Left Bank » — 34 % and 4 %. In the anti-crisis program to balance energy production with its payment, «Ulyanovskenergo» forced unpaid vacation stop heat utilities Ulyanovsk.

The main task of the new

From tomorrow, the city will be turned off hot water . Shutdown is performed in accordance with the regulations : managers of the debtor in advance letters were sent warnings. They say that the heat supply will be terminated for failure to meet contractual obligations in terms of payment and the presence of receivables ( according to the Decision of the Government of the Russian Federation № 1 dated 01.05.98 was ) .

On April 19 will be terminated unpaid leave heat and ZHKO radiolampovogo (debt 6 mln. ) , Machine-building plants (21.5 million rubles . ) UZTS ( 12.1 mln. ) And GMP Utilities » Ulyanovskstroy » ( 31.5 mln. ) .