But these funds do not reach


JSC «Ulyanovskenergo» regrets that citizens who do pay for the hot water to remain without utilities . But these funds do not reach to the power industry , settling in utilities resellers .

18.04.2001 20:37

825 young people from rural areas will be taken on the target set in the Ulyanovsk Higher education this year. In order to meet the needs of rural areas in the field of highly qualified specialists will be performed in 2001 the target set in the Ulyanovsk Higher education on a contractual basis with partial reimbursement of training costs in the amount of 825 people . 100 of them will study in Ulyanovsk State University , 325 — at Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical University , 100 — Ulyanovsk State Technical University , 300 — Ulyanovsk State Agricultural Academy. Payment from the regional budget in 2001 will be made at the rate of 4.5 rubles . per year.


18.04.2001 20:48

Regional Duma adopted an appeal to the President and State Duma to freeze electricity tariffs and restructure debt area. A meeting of the Saratov Regional Duma . Deputies adopted an appeal to the President of the Russian Federation, and to the leaders of both chambers of the State Duma to freeze tariffs for electricity and gas , as well as to restructure the debt area. Debt to Gazprom and UES is today 2.3 billion rubles . MPs asked to defer payments for 10 years. If the field will go to a meeting, it will be possible to reorganize the system utilities, to solve social problems of the regional population . Of the other issues considered particularly important was not so much. Adopted changes to the regional budget and the road fund in 2001. Duma finally decided to improve the lives of former directorate .