Tax police this year has

Tax police this year has

Tax police this year has already identified about 30 violations related to illegal trafficking of alcohol and other alcoholic beverages . Total fines amounted to 300 thousand rubles.

18.04.2001 20:27

In late April, is expected to change in leadership STRC «Volga». In late April, the change in leadership of the Ulyanovsk State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company «Volga». Reported the press service of the regional administration. Name the new chairman is already known and endorsed his candidacy Moscow . ( According to news agency «REGIONS. RU — VolgaInform » it — Alexander Shcherbakov, head of the press service of the Ulyanovsk city hall , he had previously served as Deputy Chairman STRC ) . The current head STRC «Volga» Yuri Grazhdantsev said that » rumors of his death are exaggerated .» According to some reports , Grazhdantseva not fired from STRC — he contracted a few months there will work advisor and consultant .

18.04.2001 20:28

Tax police this year has

UAZ reduces prices for their cars .

Ulyanovsk automobile plant reduces the prices of their cars . As reported by the company , the change will affect the value of the family » UAZ — 3160 .» Pre — injector engines fell by 20,000 , and is now worth 205,000 rubles. Price UAZ -3162 » Simbir » also reduced to 275 thousand rubles. Change the value of » UAZ » due to the fact that they will be releasing more . In the month before you plan to sell 250 cars lineup 3160 .

18.04.2001 20:29

Declared a regional competition for the best preparation of citizens for military service , organization and conduct of military conscription .