Abandoned villages

Abandoned villages no

Abandoned villages no workforce in excess. Considered to be a significant problem and the lack of available housing and special centers of temporary residence . Nevertheless , the status of refugees and displaced people in 1992 received about 2,000 people. The main methods of resettlement of internally displaced persons in the country are individual construction and acquisition of housing starting with financial assistance from the State in the form of grants and long-term interest-free repayable loan. In Chuvashia, was not a single case of refusal to allocate land for individual construction , — says Alexander Romanov . Address issues in a timely manner to ensure the children of displaced families places in preschool, general education schools . 70 % of children from families of internally displaced persons and refugees are provided with a one-time financial assistance in the amount of four times the minimum wage. Also provided targeted assistance to prepare for school. This year, the total is 600 rudders. 1.5 times compared with the previous year to reduce unemployment among the displaced. Department of Employment Chuvashia tries to employ a category of citizens in the first place. More than 52 % of the number of arrivals have higher or vocational education. However, it does not decrease the number of waiting for housing improvement among the settlers . Russian Federation Ministry of territorial bodies in the Chuvash Republic is recommended to carry out additional activities in cooperation with local authorities to promote the IDPs in their housing arrangement .