For four years, the exhibition

For four years, the exhibition

For four years, the exhibition is continued interest among the general public words . Number of enterprises wishing to take part in the exhibition far exceeded possible Volga exhibition center. Another interesting fact is that about 30 % of exhibitors are participating in the re , indicating that the actual results obtained from participation in previous exhibitions .

The total area of ??the exhibition — more than 1,100 square meters. m participate in the exhibition specialists 70 leading companies in the industry : Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara , Sochi, Volgograd , Voronezh, Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk , Balakovo , Zhukovsky (Moscow region) , Dubna (Moscow region) .

18.04.2001 13:37

For four years, the exhibition

This year there is a danger in the spread of hemorrhagic fever . During periods of maximum solar activity revive the natural foci of infectious diseases. Now , according to the research staff at the Institute » Microbe» , there is a danger of the next spread haemorrhagic fever in the Saratov region . The peak of solar activity has caused climate change — after this winter among the different species of rodents survived mainly bank voles , the main vectors of haemorrhagic fever. Hence , the concentration of the virus and the risk of disease increases — said channel » TelekomTV .»

18.04.2001 13:42

Continuing confrontation Balakovsky Union of Soldiers’ Mothers and enlistment office .

According to the news server in Balakovo , last week in a room of the Union of Soldiers’ Mothers scandal broke . In a time when there were two women who were on duty , entered the room and a guest worker recruiting office recruiting office — » General » .