Housing reform is slow, not

Housing reform is slow, not

» Housing reform is slow, not appeared still present homeowners ,» — said the governor . During the trip, the governor visited JSC » Cherished » Engels district and SEC » Loginovskaya » Krasnokutsk district. Here in full swing harrowing winter crops. According to First Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Michael Tohiyana area , currently working in the fields area of 4600 units. Today the governor will continue working trip to the Left Bank of the area.

17.04.2001 14:45

Frequent facts marketing counterfeit notes . In Chuvashia, for the year filed 39 criminal cases on sales of counterfeit banknotes. Counterfeit bills , mainly U. S. dollars , can be detected in the exchange of the republic . As commented by the correspondent of IA » VolgaInform » specialist on counterfeiters UBEP CR Alexander Belousov , frequent cases of sales of fakes , as increased flow of seasonal workers in Moscow and the North. With seasonal workers calculated counterfeit 100 dollar bills . Making notes on the territory of the Chechen Interior Ministry employees Chuvashia were found.

17.04.2001 19:28

At the central negotiating point Saratov appeared videophone.

Housing reform is slow, not

New service — Videophone — recently appeared on the central negotiating point Saratov. Earlier priviligiey hear and simultaneously see companion enjoyed a governor and his deputy — said in his message information service channel » TelekomTV .» Now get this kind of communication can all .

Cost per minute video session only 2 times the cost of conventional long distance conversation . Minute talks with Moscow will cost ten, to Vladivostok in 25 rubles 20 kopecks . Saratovites these exorbitant prices do not.