At some critical infrastructure

At some critical infrastructure p

At some critical infrastructure protection strengthened . In addition, during the operation police found and seized about 300 guns and 30 rifles weapons.

17.04.2001 13:45

The rise of water in the rivers of the area caused damage to 5 million rubles. The rise of water in the rivers of the Ulyanovsk region caused damage estimated at 5 million rubles. This was told on April 16 Deputy Governor Mikhail Shkanov . He said that the floods washed away the bridge in bulk Pavlovsk area and podtopilo several houses in the village of Canada. M. Shkanov said that the money will be refunded through the Russian Emergencies Ministry . On the question whether the expected critical situation due to the rise of water in the rivers , the deputy governor said he was not expected. Referring to rescue 4 fishermen from an ice floe , M. Shkanov told that the operation has cost a thousand rubles. Now the regional administration plans to reassign aquatic lifesaving station regional civil defense and emergency service . M. Shkanov promised that by the beginning of the swimming season in the area is normal water rescue service .

At some critical infrastructure p

17.04.2001 13:46

Municipality puts on record the unfinished house and cottages .

This is done in order to make a comfortable home owners pay taxes to the city budget — the press office of mayor . In Ulyanovsk, now nearly a thousand houses and cottages varying degrees of readiness are not delivered on the tax account . Lists the owner directed the district administration to clarify data and transmit this information to the tax authorities .

17.04.2001 13:51

Cherdaklinsky orphanage received gifts from the builders .