Shamanov carmaker promised to

Shamanov carmaker promised to

Shamanov carmaker promised to support and facilitate the realization of production and law enforcement agencies in the countries of the CIS. In the coming months, the issue of export UAZ will be considered at a meeting with the governor of the Russian president. Discussed in detail and discussed intraregional cooperation , as well as the restructuring of production enterprises . According to Alexei Mordashov , the final version of UAZ development program will be signed on April 17 during a visit to UAZ Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Volga District Sergei Kiriyenko and Governor Vladimir Shamanov .

17.04.2001 14:01

Results of operations » Whirlwind Anti-Terror 7 .»

In three weeks, «Operation Whirlwind Anti-Terror 7″ of illicit trafficking seized 2,257 firearms , more than 27,000 ammunition, 23.4 kilograms of explosives , 28 explosive devices , more than 2,700 grams of various drugs. 3900 revealed the crimes of them during the day revealed 3180 , the average detection rate , the average detection rate increased to 81.4%. During the period of operation are 17 members of organized criminal groups have committed crimes . But , despite the end of the next phase of » Whirlwind Anti-Terror » , the activity in efforts to seize illegally held weapons , explosives , ammunition will not decline , said the head of the Internal Affairs of the Saratov region , Militia Lieutenant General Pavel Petrovich Sal’nikov .

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Shamanov carmaker promised to

Data on the development of small businesses in the area.

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